radioactive atom

ra·di·o·ac·tive at·om

an atom with an unstable nucleus, which emits particulate or electromagnetic radiation (radioactive emission) to achieve greater stability. See: radionuclide, half-life, Becquerel.
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Kaiser said that the experiment would go something like this: A laboratory setup would consist of a particle generator, such as a radioactive atom that spits out pairs of entangled particles.
Since one of the properties of a radioactive atom is that it decays, the part of the human body where the atom has been incorporated has the property of decaying.
Quantum systems can shift their energy state at random, as occurs when a radioactive atom decays.
These are drugs that carry a low-level radioactive atom that can be tracked around the body to locate cancerous tumours.
Harriet Brooks, discoverer of the recoil of the radioactive atom and of successive nuclear decays, was honoured recently in Ottawa, ON, by being inducted into the Canadian Science and Technology Hall of Fame.
John, who is studying for his PhD in chemistry, is researching ways to attach the radioactive atom to new drugs to help improve medical imaging techniques used by doctors in diagnosis.
Alternatively, researchers have suggested, a radioactive atom might be encapsulated inside an antibody-rigged fullerene that could then carry the radiation to a target location, such as a tumor.
In the April 27 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Lon Wilson and his coworkers also report on rat studies showing that water-soluble buckyballs containing a radioactive atom build up in bone but are slowly cleared out of other tissues.
In choosing a particular radioactive atom to use, says Joel M.
In the 1980s, researchers examined samples from the shroud for the presence of carbon-14, a radioactive atom that decays over time.
Some radiation detectors work at such a level of sensitivity that one radioactive atom can trigger them.
UPDATE: Doctors routinely use radioactive atoms to check for cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.