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comb denotes radiation from any source.

Patient discussion about radio

Q. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect? My 4 year son is very talkative. He is crazy to climbing the pole to reach the top of it. He is always running all round the house, shouting and causing all sorts of disturbance not only to us but to the neighbors too. Suddenly he goes in to a dull mood. His mind works too fast that he is unable to focus on a single task. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect?

A. Children at this age are generally active and make a lot more noise and merry go around. They play as they wish. But if the child shows the symptoms for a relatively longer period say at the age of 6 then it is an alarming sign and needs a consultation with the doctor. If your child has a long history of these symptoms then you must consult a doctor. The early you diagnose, the better the treatment will be.

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Instead, a receiving AM radio signal containing HV noise is resolved into the in-phase component and the quadrature component of a carrier by quadrature demodulation.
You have a good Internet connection only when radio signals are being clearly received and the wired network is working properly.
Hence, at the end of his article, this author applies a correction related to radio signals to account for the time interval [t'.
This report is consistent with the previous reports in its findings that, public exposure to radio signals emitted from telecommunications masts is significantly below international guidelines.
They next developed mathematical formulas and used them in a computer program to convert weaker signals, which occur when someone creates shadows by walking through the radio signals, into a blob-like, bird's-eye-view image of that person walking.
Clive Corrie, special investigations manager for communications regulator Ofcom, said the gadget breached regulations governing the use of the radio signals, rendering them illegal.
How the satellite is oriented in space, whether it is being heated or cooled at the time and whether it is positively or negatively charged, all appear to make a difference to whether a plasma-induced radio signal actually causes damage.
The radio signal caused the plane to go into a flight termination maneuver: a preprogrammed rolling, vertical descent from an altitude of 41,000 feet.
4, instructing the lander to send them a radio signal.
Then scientists use a radio to receive each jacket's radio signal, making sure the reptiles survive.
SAN DIEGO -- Under the header About the Merlin XU870 HSDPA ExpressCard, third graph, second sentence should read: It offers a durable, flip-up antenna, optional external antenna connection, and Mobile Receive Equalizer (which minimizes radio signal interferences) (sted (which minimizes radio signals)).
Relying on an ultrasteady radio signal from Huygens to Cassini, the Doppler Wind Experiment (DWE) will measure the strength of Titan's wind.