radio frequency

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1. the number of occurrences of a periodic or recurrent process in a unit of time, such as the number of electrical cycles per second measured in hertz. In cardiac pacing terminology, frequency is expressed by the formula: frequency = ½ × pulse width.
2. the number of occurrences of a particular event or the number of members of a population or statistical sample falling in a particular class.
radio frequency the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation between 10 kilohertz and 100 gigahertz, used for radio communication.
relative frequency the ratio of the number of occurrences of a specified phenomenon in a population to the total size of the population.
urinary frequency urination at short intervals without increase in daily volume of urinary output, due to reduced bladder capacity or cystitis.

radio frequency

An MRI term for an electromagnetic wave with a frequency in the same range as that used for transmitting radio and television signals. The RF pulses used in MRI are usually in the 1–100 megahertz range, which cause heating of a structure or tissue due to RF pulse absorption.
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The first phase in transforming the radio frequency assignment business process, reducing cycle time from 100 days to one day, will be accomplished through automated decisions.
The support of the Worldwide Port System program management folks allowed us to gain proof of concept to use Radio Frequency Identification tag data as the source for Worldwide Port System in-transit visibility updates in lieu of printing and scanning military shipping labels," said Harvey.
At the unit areas, 599th outreach teams provided guidance on secondary loads, hazardous material, documentation, prescanning of military shipping labels and Radio Frequency Identification tags, and other areas to prevent equipment being frustrated.
With radio frequency in-transit visibility, you're going across the fort all the way to a tactical assembly area, with fixed interrogators throughout the deployment pipeline, down to the point where the vehicle ends up released to their operational mission.
is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) solutions serving multiple markets targeting wireless communications, RF identification (RFID), WiMax, and broadband cable.
The report intends that by developing sufficient understanding of radio frequency propagation and of the principles of each technology, readers will be able to understand the key challenges and benefits of each applicable technology in the setting they are considering.
OTCBB: AXSI), a leading global provider of Dual-Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), is issuing this statement in response to the disclosure of material, non-public financial results guidance which had not been previously provided to the public.
DoD announced a phased RFID compliance mandate to the Pentagon's 46,000 suppliers requiring Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to be embedded in individual products or product cases and pallets consumed by DoD.
PITTSBURGH -- As published in the September issue of Congenital Cardiology Today, physicians at the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital have seen an improvement in charge capture accuracy for medical devices and supplies due to the implementation of a clinical resource management system that leverages radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.
45GHz radio frequency which is a much higher frequency than typical UHF supply chain RFID applications that use tags which vary in radio frequency depending on individual country radio regulations.
Based on picoChip WiMAX software-upgradeable technology, China GrenTech will develop radio frequency solutions.
The text also discusses the impact of HSDPA and HSUPA on network dimensioning, covers applications and end-to-end performance in detail, and includes a section on radio frequency requirements and terminal design considerations.

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