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comb denotes radiation from any source.

Patient discussion about radio

Q. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect? My 4 year son is very talkative. He is crazy to climbing the pole to reach the top of it. He is always running all round the house, shouting and causing all sorts of disturbance not only to us but to the neighbors too. Suddenly he goes in to a dull mood. His mind works too fast that he is unable to focus on a single task. I heard a radio show about the children with ADHD. The signs are similar for my child. What should I expect?

A. Children at this age are generally active and make a lot more noise and merry go around. They play as they wish. But if the child shows the symptoms for a relatively longer period say at the age of 6 then it is an alarming sign and needs a consultation with the doctor. If your child has a long history of these symptoms then you must consult a doctor. The early you diagnose, the better the treatment will be.

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A lot of my own songs have been played on the radio, but this is the first time I've ever been on the other side of the mic.
BLOCKING THE AIRWAVES Radio signals are electromagnetic waves that travel freely through air but that can get absorbed, reflected, refracted, and diffracted by various materials.
Resonance FM is a radio station about radio space, its reflexivity mirroring the art that it broadcasts.
When I think about radio creative, I think of my wife and kids driving in the car and how fast their finger flies to the button at the first hint of a commercial," says Carl Hertel, creative writer/creative supervisor for NKH&W, Kansas City, Mo.
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The case reverberates far beyond the Bay area and the government's attempt to shut down a lone radio pirate.
Forward-looking statements represent management's current expectations and are based upon information available to Radio One at the time of this release.
Today, as the terrestrial radio dial changes faster than listeners can keep track, some 4 million have signed up for XM or Sirius for the sort of specialty programming no longer audible elsewhere (land radio gets 175 million sets of ears each day).
Exploration at radio wavelengths has uncovered rich details invisible to optical telescopes.
The Stingray module offers the complete package for brand name customers who want to build products that enable listeners to enjoy the fantastic range of global digital content now available via the Internet, while still having access to traditional DAB and FM radio broadcasts.
It provides niche stations online that would never succeed on traditional radio because they are either too arcane or, in the case of rap and some types of rock and talk formats, the content too offensive to pass broadcast standards.