radicular syndrome

ra·dic·u·lar syn·drome

a combination of changes usually seen with compromise of a spinal root within the intraspinal canal; these include neck or back pain and, in the affected root distribution: dermatomal pain, paresthesias, or both; decreased deep tendon reflexes; occasionally myotomal weakness.
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A systematic review recently reported on interventional RCTs concerning conservative treatments (including physiotherapy) for lumbrosacral radicular syndrome (Luijsterburg et al, 2007).
Recent reviews have highlighted the lack of good quality evidence upon which to base clinical decision-making with patients who have lumbosacral radicular syndrome (LRS) (Luijsterburg et al 2007).
The first trial was of 23 patients with cervical radicular syndrome (6); 11 patients received PRF while 12 had sham treatment of the involved DRG.