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pertaining to or emanating from radiation.

Patient discussion about radiative

Q. Is an X- Ray dangerous to my fetus? I fell down while I am pregnant and was sent to the ER. I was given an x- ray there, is the radiation dangerous to my fetus?

A. As far as I know one x-ray cannot harm your fetus since there is not enough radiation there to harm it. If you are worried consult a Doctor.

Q. What does radiation do for cancer patients? We found out today that my grandmother has cancer and my mother said that the oncologist is planning on using radiation to ease her pain. My question is, what does radiation do? I know, eases pain, but how?

A. hello;radiation therapy/an anticancer drugs are used to suppress or arrest the rate of cell division in any tumor cells, the rad also kills good cells also.

Q. Is it proven that cellular radiation can damage health?

A. it was proven that people that talk a lot with cellular phones tend to develop problems in their salivary gland (the Parotid gland, right under the ear)that is on the side they speak the most.

could be that in 15 years from now the amount of brain cancer will increase and they will know for sure it's from cellular phones. , why take a chance- use as less as possible, use an earphone and don't give a cellular phone to your children until they are 17.
you can never know what will they find next...

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23] = radiative conductance between roof side-2 and ceiling, W/[degrees]C (Btu/h x [degrees]F)
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change defines radiative forcing as
9), the radiative heat transfer coefficient of the surface depends on the long-wave radiation emissivity of the boundary surfaces of the ventilated air gap and their temperature.
Figure 1 shows a schematic of the room to be considered, where the person's location in the room's center and a proposed central radiant heater position are presented if the room was heated by a radiative ceiling panel.
This involves that the radiative heat flux is absorbed inside the wall thickness of the preform, and cannot be simply applied as a boundary condition.
Cure time and heat flux requirements for infrared (IR) curing depend both on the coating radiative properties of the powder coating and on the kind of IR emitter used.
Very often only the incident radiative flux arriving on the top of the vegetation is known (by computation or experiment) and it is of great importance to determine the heat absorbed by the vegetal phase due to radiative transfer.
Carbon dioxide is causing the bulk of the radiative forcing (Figure 1).
In addition, it completely eliminates Eddington's radiative zone and brings into question the existence of the current very high density (150 g/[cm.
The relative importance of greenhouse gases since 1750 compared with other sources of radiative forcing in creating disequilibrium in the Earth's radiation balance has been evaluated by IPCC (2001) and is summarized in Figure 4.
The new network configuration is intended to help characterize the performance of the Brewers and to collect information relevant to quantifying the effects of tropospheric ozone and fine particles on surface UV levels and radiative forcing.
While nevertheless accepting the supposed role of greenhouse gases, Reid concluded that "solar radiative forcing has been a more important factor in recent climate change than most current estimates would imply.