radiant flux

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flux, radiant

Power emitted in the form of radiation. It is measured in watts or ergs per second.
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When integrated spectrally using V ([lambda]) weighting, one obtains the photometric counterpart, on the right Radiometric quantity Symbol Unit Unit Radiant energy Q J lm s Radiant flux (power) P, [PHI] W lm Irradiance E W/[m.
The NUVA77 series comes in wavelengths from 365nm ~ 405nm, radiant flux of 2600mW ~ 3100mW at 500mA, ideal for UV curing, photo catalyst and sensor light applications.
This flux is the arithmetic sum of short-wave radiant flux, net long-wave radiant flux, sensible heat flux, vaporization latent heat flux, and advective heat flux.
The aether energy represented in the radiant flux [PHI] is, according to the theory, present in the aether space of infinite energy as random radiation at all wavelengths and in all directions to and from the gravitating systems.
6) Thus, assuming that the reciprocity law is obeyed, the same photoresponse should be observed when exposures are made: (1) at a high radiant flux for a short period of time (e.
The XB500 power chip, offered in both blue and green versions, has a minimum radiant flux of 44mW for blue (460nm) and 20mW for green (527nm) at 125mA, while maintaining a typical forward voltage of 3.
front,i] represents a source of radiant flux at the front surface of layer i and [E.
The XT-21(TM) offers an increased radiant flux with brightness levels of 21mW minimum, and is now commercially available in the 460nm blue version.
Although the radiant intensity I of the edge is infinite as 1/ [square root of (r)], the radiant flux Id[ohm] emitted into any given solid angle element d[ohm]=rd[empty set] dy is zero as r [right arrow] 0.
The XT-290, offered in a 527nm version, has a typical radiant flux of 9mW at 20mA.
In the first three steps equations are derived for the fluorescence radiant flux, the signal from the detection system, and the fluorescent spectral radiance.
The 470 nm MB Plus product has a minimum radiant flux of 12 mW with a typical radiant flux of 13 mW, and the 470 nm XB Plus product has a minimum radiant flux of 15 mW with a typical radiant flux of 17 mW.