radiant flux

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flux, radiant

Power emitted in the form of radiation. It is measured in watts or ergs per second.
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Loeb, 2015: CERES synoptic product: Methodology and validation of surface radiant flux.
The NUVA66 series comes in wavelengths from 365nm ~ 405nm, radiant flux of 640mW ~ 800mW at 500mA, ideal for UV curing, photo catalyst and sensor light applications.
To calculate the net long-wave radiant flux for Cha-bahar Bay, the following formula is used:
When, however, all ponderable matter is constituted as a sum of charged particles, and the force of gravity as shown is an electromagnetic phenomenon by energy exchange in the aether space between any pair of masses via a radiant flux O [erg/sec], which is proportional to the product of the two masses, we generally have with some local value of [rho] the Newtonian force between [M.
It is well known that polymer photodegradation can be accelerated by increasing the radiant flux to which the material is exposed.
x]) relates the absorbed radiant flux at wavelength [[lambda].
The major concept is the flow of light in a space, reminiscent of David DiLaura's pioneering work in radiant flux transfer which begat a significant portion of what we now know as computer simulation of light.
This theory is not valid for small-size droplets (diameter-to-wavelength) [2] but is used to determine local radiant flux in droplets.
01 m2) to a constant external radiant flux through the cone-shaped heating element.
uRAD-FO Optical Power Meter - for fiber-optic testing, with a Model 2500FO integrating sphere; silicon sensor; measures radiant flux (watts).
The OTLH-0480-UV has a peak wavelength at 365 nm with a radiant flux of 150 mW when driven at a maximum peak current of 300 mA.
Radiant flux and detection system generally suffer from two different kinds of noise.