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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of race or races.
2. Arising from or based on differences among human racial groups.

ra′cial·ly adv.
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Supervisors are considered to be "crucial catalysts" in facilitating their supervisees' growth and awareness of racial and cultural issues (Constantine, 2001).
Parents are arguing that the programs are denying children admission to first choice schools not to remedy past discrimination but to achieve a racial balance, which violates equal treatment guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.
While the New England college professors target racial prejudice in the legal arena, New Jersey scholar and historian William D.
Even if the Court should reject affirmative action, that would not invalidate existing lawsuits that are based on claims of unconstitutional racial segregation.
These many and diverse initiatives suggest that the time is ripe in America to confront our history of racial violence.
The black teens in Long Beach don't fit the standard profile of racial hate purveyors.
Such relationships showed, among other things, that racial differences were only skin deep, that blacks could be accepted and loved by whites and that the offspring of blacks and whites were not inferior.
Racial disparities in perinatal mortality have been documented for decades.
Welcome to the disturbing world of implicit bias, where people's preferences for racial, ethnic, and other groups lie outside their awareness and often clash with their professed beliefs about those groups.
Some people, like longtime activist Kale Williams, who marched alongside King during Chicago's open housing marches, suggest that King would be far from overjoyed if he saw that most of the city's neighborhoods display the racial sameness as they did in 1966.
Next, we summarize and critique career intervention models for racial and ethnic minorities regarding the models' attention to the impact of counselors' multicultural awareness throughout the course of intervention.
Helms" (1994) model of racial identity interaction theory is used as a basis for understanding how ethnic identity development may influence student-to-student and student-to-teacher interactions in middle schools.