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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of race or races.
2. Arising from or based on differences among human racial groups.

ra′cial·ly adv.
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That is, the arguments and remedies of Brown constructed equal opportunity as the right of racial minorities to be educated among Whites: the quality of schooling that Black children receive is directly dependent not only on a White presence in schools but on Whites' implicit willingness to share their privilege and property with Black children.
INTEGRATION INTERVIEWS: Instruct students to interview each other, asking what others believe would be a most effective strategy to achieve racial diversity in their school or community.
The court held the University of Michigan's undergraduate affirmative action practice of assigning automatic points to applicants from racial minority groups was legally impermissible.
Once in possession of this new authority, it could ban racial discrimination (as it did in the 1964 Civil Rights Act), or it could enforce the despicable practice (as it had done via affirmative action).
Kennedy concludes that "we should distrust all who would draw racial lines, even (or perhaps especially) when they insist that they are doing so for good reasons" His own yearning for "a society in which race has become obsolete as a significant social marker" may strike committed racialists as naive, but Kennedy rightly sees himself as championing Frederick Douglass's amalgamationist dream that someday all Americans will be "blended into a common nationality.
The Johns Hopkins Center for Cancer Complementary Medicine, funded in October 2000, has two research projects to study the effects of CAM therapies on prostate cancer and breast cancer in ethnic and racial minorities (NIH, 2000e).
Having concluded that the appeal to color blindness is a dangerous distraction from the lingering effects of prejudice; Loury calls for major structural remedies to speed up progress toward racial equality.
Whether we'll see increased incidents of racial profiling or scare tactics similar to those used by Sen.
Such racial isolation heightens the influence of media imagery, which serves as a powerful stand-in for real-life exchanges.
Looking at the symbolization of native' Americans in this manner demonstrates racial bias.
Heston was not the only Coalition conference speaker to touch on racial themes.