quiet zone

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'quiet zone'

Lung pathology The terminal airways contribute little to the total airflow resistance–most resistance is contributed by bronchioles > 2 mm in diameter, thus although a disease process may begin in small airways, it may be clinically silent–ie, a 'quiet zone' until it affects the larger airways
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Trying to deploy advanced services to those areas surrounding the Quiet Zone can be challenging, said David Hunt, operations manager-Eastern Region with Mid-State Consultants (Nephi, Utah), who is working on the buildout project with SKSRT.
Tobia voted against the change in part because he was not comfortable with expanding the quiet zone regulation to include a smoking ban.
Nurses have said they feel much safer in their medication preparation process in the medication quiet zone, and patients receive their medications more quickly:' The program will soon be rolled out hospital-wide.
If the quiet zone is violated, it may not be readable.
The proposed rule describes safety measures that communities could use in an established quiet zone that would still deter drivers from taking risks at crossings.
Today, the area around Green Bank remains the only such quiet zone in the world.
Eiseman has dubbed her four color trends are Ports of Call, Homecoming, Quiet Zone and Technocolor.
The railroad crossing will be improved and a raised median will be constructed to meet Federal Railroad Administration quiet zone standards.
Factor in the $24 million price tag, and a Eugene quiet zone is a non-starter.
The West Virginia town is a wireless-free zone--no wireless Internet, no Bluetooth, no cell service--thanks to the FCC's establishment in 1958 of a 13,000-square-mile National Radio Quiet Zone that surrounds Green Bank.