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The Quick-Look Cookbook comes from a team of food lovers and graphic artists who illustrate some 400 step-by-step food and drink recipes from a graphic artist's perspective, creating what is, in effect, a cookbook and an art book all in one.
Development of Quick-Look Tests under the Rule of Reason
Supreme Court Discussion of the Quick-Look Analysis
antitrust analysis, they have applied the quick-look (41) analysis in
justifications for their conduct, use of a quick-look analysis is
antitrust laws, quick-look shifts the burden to the defendant-actors to
If you would like us to consider a Quick-Look you have written, just follow our guidelines for submitting articles, referenced near the bottom of this page.
Quick-Looks succinctly address important Air Force issues in an actionable way.
Please take a moment to read it and take advantage of the quick-look calendar of events.
And not only have they markedly refined many of the quick-look details, such as the sizes of the planet's 15 known moons (10 of which were Voyager 2's discoveries), but Uranus and its attendant phenomena turn out to be at least as dramatic as the initial results had hinted.
The mcWAZ Program will utilize WesternGeco Q-Technology(*) and onboard Wave Equation (WEM) depth migration in order to provide a quick-look migrated data volume.
After successful engine shutdown, the quick-look data indicated that all test objectives were met.