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Officers managing the queues, which were well organized, and expediting the immigration process, which all came as pleasantly welcome moves by the airport administration.
On the sole occasion I used the private health sector, it was not to 'jump a queue, but to correct two botched NHS operations.
CNG stations opened after four day closure and gas-seeking motorists made queues on roads resulting in blockage of traffic throughout the day.
Rated G for Netflix" allows young children to browse different genres in Rated G only, and create their own kid-friendly queue independently from regular Netflix's main queue and app.
To escape a USA airport via a hire car results in no fewer than 10 different queues.
The Qender Mobile Queue app could turn millions of boring minutes waiting in long queues into fun time instead.
At the O2 phone shop in Coventry city centre there were long queues before the doors opened at 8am.
All contestants have an equivalent of the get-out-of-jail-free card that allows them to queue jump and buy goods under the counter.
The survey, organised by the European branch of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), saw researchers assess 2,000 different queues.
At these, at least a third of queues at the ticket office were longer than recommended by the industry standard, despite ticket machines standing empty.
In Section II, we consider how this potential varies when queues differ in terms of demand and supply characteristics.