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If the entire record is duplicated, then you can create a query from the Duplicate Items Detail table and simply click the Totals button to group by each field.
To set the size of the query cache first set the query_cache_size system variable.
Another query reformulation technique harnesses users' search experiences or domain knowledge.
Query refinement is an essential information retrieval tool that interactively recommends new terms related to a particular query for the user to improve the quality of the query.
Clicking on its > button transfers all available fields to the Columns in your query box.
Spink, Jansen, and Ozmultu (2000) found that most users searched one query only and did not follow with successive queries.
com also has a function called I'm Feeling Lucky, which lets you view the Website of the first result in your query.
Impromptu Web Query provides information consumers in an enterprise the ability to interactively navigate and explore relational data with their Web browser.
Users select the appropriate ending date and then choose the types of incidents to be included as part of a particular query.
Create a query that selects the data you want to add to another table (see January 2009 for a refresher on creating a query).
With a click of a mouse the SQL DML (data manipulation language) for tables, views, stored procedures and all database objects may be scripted to a query window.