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La Haute Commission electorale (HCE), sous la presidence du conseiller Abdel Moez Ibrahim a, en effet, fait etat des plaintes recues quant aux depassements enregistres lors du vote, a Quena et au Sud-Sinai.
27) The charango is a tiny, high-pitched armadillo-shell guitar; the quena is a long, Andean bamboo flute; and the bombo is an Andean bass drum.
It was characterized by the use of aboriginal names and traditional Andean instruments such as the charango, zampona, and quena.
Son di piu prezzo le mura di quena, che se diamante fossino o piropo.
He goes on to add a crosscurrent of minor notes suggestive of zamponas or sicus, Andean panpipes, also a melodic line to mimic the flutelike quena, and in short, order an entire pulsating conjunto andino seems to emanate from within the piano itself.
Their instruments include: Zampona(windpipe), Quena (flute), Charango (small 10 string instrument) drums and guitars.
Au bureau des medias d'ordre et de securite, un responsable a declare que les pelerins de [beaucoup moins que]loterie[beaucoup plus grand que] appartenant aux gouvernorats de la Mer rouge, Fayoum, Quena, Sohag, Louxor, Beni Souef, le Nord du Sinai, Menoufiah, Assiout, Ismailiya, Charkiya, Menia, Kafr El-Cheikh, Behera et Damiette, tous ces pelerins devraient se rendre directement a Medine.
Just two weeks earlier, 20 houses belonging to Copts in Abu-Tesht, Quena Gvt.
The securities listing committee approved listing the capital increase shares of Quena Paper Industry.
tecnica com a in- dustria a montante e a jusante Grau de acesso Acesso exclusivo a as politicas agri- grande propriedade e colas praticamente vedado a pequena exploracao Organizacao da Individual empresa Sub-setor Caracteristicas "Fronteira Agricola" Diferenciaveis Norte e Centro-Oeste * Estrutura Concentrada: grande fundiaria propriedade X pe- quena posse.
Bini, che fu anche il primo tradutture italiano di Tristam Shandy, e uno scritture complesso, ideologicamente indifferente aile istanze patriottiche che caratterizzano i testi dei suoi contemporanei, piu attento alla questione sociale che a quena nazionale.
Yet another example of the territory's cultural kinship to northern Argentina, tupiceno folk music owes more to the melodic, guitar-based zambas of Salta and Jujuy than to the haunting zampona and quena harmonies of the Andes.