quantum yield

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quan·tum yield (φ),

the number of molecules transformed (for example, via a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
Synonym(s): quantum efficiency

quan·tum yield

(φ) (kwahn'tŭm yēld)
The number of molecules transformed (e.g., through a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
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The excitation-emission matrix discussed above was used to obtain the quantum yield at any excitation wavelength relative to the quantum yield at the reference wavelength of 490 nm.
6) The reciprocal of the quantum yield is called quantum requirement and it is often used in efficiency analysis of photosynthetic energy conversion.
Keywords: Borondipyrromethene, fluorescence, absorption, quantum yields
In the ideal case where every photon is detected with the same probability, the value of m should be 1 since if the quantum yield is 1, every absorption leads to an emitted photon and the measured absorbance, [A.
Irradiated for 3 min with a 50 W high-pressure mercury lamp at 25[degrees]C, ESR intensity of BCTE-HABI system is obviously more regular and higher than that of o-Cl-HBAI system, which indicates the higher quantum yield of triarylbiimdazolyl radicals produced respectively.
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Materials Corp(OTCQB:QTMM) (QMC) today announced achieving a calculated 95% Quantum Yield (QY) for Green Tetrapod Quantum Dots(TQD) manufactured by QMC's proprietary automated mass-production system.
Several previous papers from our group discussed the measurement of fluorescent quantum yield (QY), and light scattering and absorption cross sections using a spectrophotometer with an integrating sphere detector (1), (2).
Quantum yield are also affected by the amount of the dye molecules in each nanoparticle and the size of the nanoparticles.
The synthesized polyimides emit blue to green light with a quantum yield of 7.

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