quality factor

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qual·i·ty fac·tor (QF),

a factor by which absorbed radiation doses are multiplied to obtain, for radiation protection purposes, a quantity that expresses the approximate biologic effectiveness of the absorbed dose. Compare: RBE, relative biologic effectiveness.

quality factor

a term that expresses the biological damage that radiation can produce. Doses of different types of radiation can be set equal to one another if the actual absorbed dose is multiplied by the quality factor. The product is called the dose equivalent, measured in sieverts or rem.

qual·i·ty fac·tor

(kwah'li-tē fak'tŏr)
Used in radiation protection to account for the differences in the biologic effects from various types of radiation.

quality factor

Abbreviation: Q
In radiology, a scale used to account for the biological effects of different radiations. Factors include beta, electron, and gamma x-radiation (Q = 1), thermal neutrons (Q = 5), and alpha neutrons and protons (Q = 20).
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H3: There is a significant difference between the sets of relative importance weights of the service quality factors determined by customers and that of employees.
For this purpose, we modeled, fabricated and experimentally characterized two on-chip sensors with high quality factors for in vivo implantation," he said.
The authors demonstrate in another paper that the quality factor size depends on, the penetration depth of electromagnetic field" value in the seawater.
Strength of alloy VJL12U (according to the certificate) equaled 850 MPa, while quality factor of BJ, obtained in three different experiments on isothermal brazing in vacuum at [T.
Service providers can provide good services to users by reflecting the quality factor concerning performance when assigning priority.
Meanwhile, the quality factor (Q) is specified by the user, which is used to tradeoff image quality with compression ratio.
There are also numerous software quality models that concentrate on specific quality factors such as complexity.
However, once we'd sent the pictures via email, the reproduction on the computer screen was pretty impressive in comparison to what you see on the phone's screen, and as the technology involved in these cameras gets better, this quality factor can only improve.
Researchers in the SHRP project also identified the quality factor as a potential parameter for assessing damage to concrete specimens during testing.
The MSCI Quality Indices aim to capture the quality factor with an objective and transparent methodology, while ensuring reasonably high trading liquidity, investment capacity and moderate turnover of index constituents.
Measurement of S-parameters, frequency offset, waveguide cavity quality factor.

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