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 Latin, very other day


Every other day. This abbreviation appears on the Joint Commission's “Do not use” list.


The “o” may be misinterpreted as a period or an “i.”

Patient discussion about qod

Q. every alternate day i go through a swift mood change from a very high depression. I am facing some problem and I need help. Every alternate day I go through a swift mood change from a very high depression on one day to a high happiness on the other day. It remains constant for couple of days and then again my mood swings either to a high depression or to a good level happiness. When in happy mood I feel on top. When I feel very depressed I start harming myself and it goes to the extent to bang my head on the wall. Many times I will cry so much that the very next day my eyes burns with irritation and pain. Is all this normal? I think I am getting bipolar.

A. I would suggest going to your doctor and asking to speak to someone. Perhaps start with a theropist so you will have someone to talk to and can teach you to manage your stress. If you are experiencing bipolar episodes the theropist may be able to recognize the symptoms and suggest you see a psychiatrist as well. Try not to self diagnose yourself, tell your doctor that you have been having some hard times and would like someone to talk to and go from there. I wish you well.

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With the optional addition of the QOD Gateway, end-to-end VBR/StatMux can be employed, enabling up to 15 high-quality signals per QAM channel.
Imagine's QOD Management software, which includes automatic synchronization and provisioning with operators' existing network topology.
The QOD Gateway is a 5RU (rack unit), NEBS-compliant platform which offers unprecedented stream count density at 36 Gbps throughput, equivalent to roughly 13,000 SDTV or 3,000 HDTV streams.
The QOD Product Suite is optimized for the VOD, HD-VOD and SDV applications.
Imagine-processed VOD and SDV signals can also be multiplexed through a common QOD Gateway hardware platform and can support optimized EdgeQAM sharing.
Imagine Communications plans to demonstrate, for the first time, the QOD Gateway at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo this week in Denver in booth #1742, June 21-23.
And as subscribers' taste for better video quality continues to improve, our QOD Gateway can dial up the video quality to levels well above today's limitations, providing an unmatched viewing experience for consumers.
The QOD Gateway leverages a novel video analysis, quality measurement, and indexing technique that ensures the best video quality at any given bit rate.
With future software releases, Imagine's flexible solution enables additional advanced video services (such as SDV) to be multiplexed through the same QOD Gateway, subject to a 40 Gbps maximum throughput with Imagine's 5RU (rack unit) product (over 14,000 SDTV streams or 3,500 HDTV streams), and a 100 Gbps maximum throughput with its 12RU product (36,000 MPEG-2 SDTV streams or 9,000 HDTV streams).
Another important benefit of the QOD Gateway is that, as operators expand their streaming capacity, the QOD Gateway enables them to save 1/3 of the capital costs required for incremental QAM upconversion and modulation devices.
Diverse sources can be input into the QOD Gateway including multiple VOD servers, live digital satellite or broadcast feeds, and ad servers.
In the majority of these cases, the attacks were prepared and funded by MOIS and the A1 Qods Force, but executed by Hezbollah.