qihua (chē·hwä),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, transforming metabolizing qi, blood and body fluids which is one of the five functions of qi, vital energy that sustains activities pertinent to life. See also qi.
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Qihua Primary School, 5 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 738525
Among them is one on behalf of the residents of Yushutun, a village in the northeastern Heilongjiang province, against the state-owned Qihua Group, which is accused of dumping chemicals (4).
The responsibilities for Siwei manufacturing operations have now been moved to Caterpillar's China Operations Division, led by vice president Qihua Chen, a long time Caterpillar employee.
Jinling High School's international department Vice Director Xin Qihua said using iPads can set students free from the burden of school bags and also facilitate better interaction between them and teachers.
Distinguished guests Xu Qihua, deputy general manager for Suzhou Zhongming Optoelectronics Co.
The department said Hu's lawyer, Duan Qihua, will be present throughout the trial.
As was mentioned earlier, the successful careers of a few Chinese women, such as Zhang Xin of SOHO China and Xie Qihua of Shanghai Baosteel, conceal deeper problems of discrimination in Chinese culture, which begin in the crib because male babies are still more prized than female babies [27].
10) For one example of a critic concerned with qing see Pan Zhiheng qihua [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII](Pan Zhiheng's Notes on Theater), compiled by Wang Xiaoyi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Beijing.
China's Xie Qihua, chairwoman and president of Shanghai Baosteel Group, meanwhile, moved up two spots this year to No.
Lieutenant General Li Qihua, a lifelong communist and former director of the hospital in Beijing where top leaders receive treatment, had written an article favorable to Falun Gong.
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