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qie (chē·),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the fourth aspect of diagnosis; includes the examination of a client's pulse and palpation of the client's body and acupuncture points. See also wang and wen.
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Tabela 2 Desempenho Medio das Criancas Participantes nos Escores da WISC-III QIV QIE QIT ICV ASTROCITOMA Media 111 104 108 109 DP 13,49 11,95 12,44 13,97 MEDULOBLASTOMA Media 94 72 82 95 DP 19,08 14,03 17,08 19,54 LLA Media 87 90 88 91 DP 16,09 6,95 11,18 17,76 IOP IRD IVP ASTROCITOMA Media 103 110 101 DP 11,65 12,44 5,82 MEDULOBLASTOMA Media 75 89 69 DP 13,58 15,46 6,91 LLA Media 91 82 90 DP 8,82 11,15 9,18 Nota.
Out of the sample estates, the QIE, SIE -I Gujranwala and SIE- Sialkot which are relatively better placed in respect of locational merits, also suffers from the above-named constraints.
GET and QIE are confident that by adopting the policy to produce energy for own use as an independent source will attract the other industrial zones to follow.
Para os dois indices que formam o QIE, o padrao apresentado pelo IOP e IVP e de declinio.
Kaufman encontrou o inicio do declinio de QIE no grupo de 20 a 24 anos.
No que diz respeito aos resultados globais, em QI's, houve um ganho de aproximadamente dois pontos nas tres capacidades (QIT, QIE e QIV).
O QIT e o QIE tambem apresentaram declinios, nao significativos, de cerca de tres e quatro pontos, respectivamente.
Ibrahim Qureshi, Faisal Ijaz Khan Chairman PVTC, Muhammad Ismail Khurram President QIE, Ahsan Mahmood Butt President SIE, Sheikh Muhammad Usman President MIE and Gulzar A.