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A keto derivative of pyran.
Synonym(s): pyranone
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Kretzschmar R, Meyer HJ, Teschendorf HJ (1970) Strychnine antagonistic potency of pyrone compounds of the kava root (Piper methysticum).
Besides sedatives and antidepressants clinical studies of anxiolytic effects have also been published for kava pyrone preparations.
The spontaneous reporting system for adverse drug reactions (ADR) in Germany and Switzerland has received reports of a variety of symptoms in association with kava pyrone intake over the last 15 years (Table 1).
Judging the causality between drug intake and observed toxicity is always difficult; for hepatotoxicity in timely association with kava pyrone intake reviews have differed in some cases.
Among the reported cases no dose response relationship can be seen for kava pyrone related hepatotoxicity (Fig.
No mechanistic studies for immune mediated kava pyrone toxicity have been performed in animal experiments.
No methodologically valid studies for the incidence of kava pyrone ADR have been performed, which is also the case for nearly all plant extracts and most chemically defined drugs with long registration duration.
Together with available sales figures, it is possible to roughly calculate the association frequency between kava pyrone intake and liver dysfunction in outpatients (Table 2).
Based on MEDIPLUS data kava pyrone preparations and benzodiazepines show a similar hepatotoxic risk of approximately 1 case (all kinds of severity) in the date base per 1 million defined daily doses of kava pyrones or benzodiazepines sold.
The discussion on kava pyrone toxicity and the regulatory actions taken may be briefly commented upon.
Ghosh BP, Mukerjee AK, Banerjee S (1955) New pyrone derivative, Cirantine, oral contraceptive.
Researchers have identified several pharmacologically active Kava pyrones, which have a primarily anxiolytic effect (e.