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An instrument for measuring high degrees of heat, beyond the capacity of a mercury or gas thermometer.
[pyro- + G. metron, measure]


(pī-rŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [″ + metron, measure]
A device for measuring a very high temperature.

pyrometer (pīrom´ətur),

n an instrument for measuring temperature by the change of electrical resistance within a thermocouple. It is a millivoltometer calibrated in degrees of temperature.


instrument for measuring the intensity of heat when this is beyond the range of the mercury thermometer.
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Pyrometric cones will also tell you if the kiln has reached the perfect time and temperature or has been under- or over-fired.
The tests discussed in the presentation were core degradation, Baume, weight per gallon, viscosity, solids content, coating deposit, penetration and permeability, Pyrometric Cone Equivalent, biological growth and pH.
Comments on efficient air and heat flow, and the use of pyrometric cones is of value in this worthwhile video.
Testing system for tensile tests on ceramic flat specimens at temperatures up to 1200 A C, including inductive heating device and non-contact measuring device length variation, and pyrometric temperature measurement.
The potter/filter workers who may have previously fired their pots with grass bonfires or other rudimentary kilns now must manage a downdraft kiln, monitored with a multi-entry pyrometer and pyrometric cones.
Adequately formulated clay bodies should have a firing range of three pyrometric cones.
A comprehensive glossary of ceramic terms along with appendices on glaze recipes, clay bodies, a list of suppliers and pyrometric cone information make this book an important resource for ceramic practitioners working in pottery and/or sculpture.