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Relating to or produced by the dry distillation of wood.
[pyro- + L. lignum, wood]
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Table 1: Physical and chemical components of pyroligneous acids and soil properties before the experiments
Grain yield was significantly influenced by herbicides- pyroligneous mixture through panicle formation and spikelet fertility (Table 4).
The to tal N in soil increased after planting in herbicides and/or pyroligneous acid treatments especially in AC50%, AC50%+RV500 and BCB50%.
Combined application of pyroligneous acids with lower rate of herbicides results in varying efficacies depending on the
Table 4: Effects of different mixtures of herbicides and pyroligneous acids on the yield components of rice1
The number of pupae did not differ between the guava fruits treated with distilled water (control), lime sulfur solution, and pyroligneous extract (H = 3.
fraterculus responded selectively to pyroligneous extract and lime sulfur solution in the electroantennographic bioassays, the results of the oviposition test showed that these substances did not prevent egg laying and the subsequent development and emergence o A.
Santos and Wansen (2006), however, noted that pyroligneous extract was ineffective at controlling A.
fraterculus showed electroantennographic responses to volatiles of lime sulfur solution and pyroligneous extract, we observed no deterrent effect on oviposition in fruits exposed to these substances.
Effect of chemical compounds in pyroligneous acid on root growth in rice plants.
II- Effects of the mixture of charcoal with pyroligneous acid on dry matter production and root growth of summer planted sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.
Rooting activity and growth of rice seedling was promoted by the soil treatment with pyroligneous acid prior to transplanting [11].