iron pyrites

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i·ron py·ri·'tes

native sulfide of iron.
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Additionally, the presence of buried mangrove plants in P4, associated to high concentrations of pyrite iron (see below), also appears to support this interpretation.
In the core of the stockwork, the host rocks are strongly silicified and/or chloritized, and contain numerous sulphide veins, but on the periphery, alteration is dominated by sericite and disseminated pyrite, and only minor base-metal sulphides are present.
The two most widely quoted hypotheses are the oxidation of Arsenopyrite and Pyrite minerals and the reduction of Iron Oxyhydroxides.
Some salt crusting may occur from the oxidation of pyrite and efflorescence of ferrous sulfates to the sediment surface (Fanning et al.
It is certainly possible to produce fire by striking two pyrites together, as done by several groups of Inuit (Parry 1824: 504).
Kasese has 922,000 wet tonnes of pyrite concentrate grading, 1.
75 tonnes of silver, 359 tonnes of molybdenum in addition to pyrites and sulphuric acid.
Unroasted Iron Pyrites, Crude or Unrefined Sulphur: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
The other methods of sulfuric acid production include production from smelter gas and iron pyrites.
20am, a cutter struck pyrites, igniting firedamp and causing the massive explosion which brought down 120 yards of roof.
Cd was detected in sphalerite and Cd-Zn-sulfide, Ni in pentlandite, and traces of Ni, Cu, Zn, V, and Cr in pyrites [9, 10].
3 and 6: Black quartz and white quartz from the Jebel el-Abyaz, gave no results except a small portion of copper pyrites in a lump of quartz.