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The purine and pyrimidine bases of each strand are stacked on the inside of the double helix with their planes parallel to each other and perpendicular to the long axis.
The voltammetric behavior of the individual purine and pyrimidine bases immobilied on the electrode modified with poly-aminophenols, in acetate buffer (pH 4.
The concentrations of cytosine, total nucleic acid bases and pyrimidine bases were significantly affected by the interaction of lactation stages and time of sampling.
Results of quantitaion of Purine and Pyrimidine bases using Ethyl Chloroformate as Derivatizing Reagent.
Lactic acid bacteria have complex growth factor requirements including B vitamins, several amino acids, and purine and pyrimidine bases.
It is more difficult to assess the quality of the DNA that will be obtained, that is, its average length or the chemical modification of purine or pyrimidine bases, which can affect the performance of downstream molecular assays.
They can occur spontaneously due to the chemical instability of purine and pyrimidine bases, or they can be induced by exposure to reactive chemicals and ionizing radiation.
The pyrimidine bases are the part of the nucleic acids, and therefore, both natural pyrimidines and pyrimidine derivatives have diverse effects on the body.
Although the 6-thienyl group of s efficiently prevents the mispairing with the natural pyrimidine bases, y has no such functional group to exclude mispairing with the natural purine bases.