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A class of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents used in the treatment of arthritic conditions; for example, phenylbutazone.


A class of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents used to treat arthritic conditions.
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Dipyrone, the most popular pyrazolone derivative is used as an antipyretic and analgesic in some countries (18).
Among the more commonly implicated are pyrazolone derivatives, carbamazepine, hydantoin derivatives, cimetidine, lithium salts and gold salts.
3) Other common culprits include the antipyretic metamizole and other pyrazolone derivatives such as tetracycline, metronidazole, ciprofloxacin, and phenytoin sodium.
Request for quotations: purchase of drugs salicylic acid derivatives, pyrazolone and para-aminophenol, means the chemical-pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals other: ketorolac ved
IgE-mediated immediate-type hypersensitivity to the pyrazolone drug propyphenazone.
Physiological activity and some physicochemical properties of acyl derivatives of pyrazolone.
The designed novel Thiazole containing pyrazolone compounds synthesized by thio semi carbazone (6) with deferent bromo acetyl derivatives in ethanol.
In a population-based, case-control study, Castelao and colleagues evaluated the use of NSAIDs with respect to BC incidence and found a 19% reduction in BC risk in patients taking NSAIDs other than phenacetine and pyrazolone derivatives.
These are: Permanent Red 2B; Pyrazolone Red; Thio Red; Quinacridone Red; Naphthol Red; Lithol Rubine; Lake Red C; and Lithol Red.