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A keto derivative of pyran.
Synonym(s): pyranone
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Of the carbohydrate products identified, levoglucosan, dianhydro-[alpha]-glucopyranose, pyranones and dianhydrorhamnose largely originate from 'fresh' or well-preserved polysaccharides (Stuczynski et al.
More specifically, in comparison with NO-1, among the carbohydrate markers there was a strong increase of furans, furaldehydes, levoglucosenone and acetic acid, while levoglucosan, pyranones and dianhydrorhamnose diminished, which is a clear indication of a shift of fresh polysaccharide to degraded/microbial carbohydrates (Saiz-Jimenez and de Leeuw 1986; Buurman and Roscoe 2011).