pyramidalis muscle

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py·ra·mi·da·lis mus·cle

(pir'ă-mi-dā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, crest of pubis; insertion, lower portion of linea alba; action, makes linea alba tense; nerve supply, subcostal.
Synonym(s): musculus pyramidalis [TA] , pyramidal muscle.
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This configuration of muscle segments was reminiscent of a shallow quadrilateral pyramid with the tip pointed toward the posterior end of the larva (see diagrammatic representations of these pyramidal muscles in Fig.
variegatus or with the medial ring and pyramidal muscles in larvae of E.
tribuloides, we also described a structure similar to the basal ring, but its placement along the A-P axis and relative to the pyramidal muscles led us to term this the medial ring.