pyramidal cell layer

py·ram·i·dal cell lay·er

layers 3 and 5 of the cortex cerebri.
Synonym(s): Meynert layer


Theodor H., Austrian neurologist, 1833-1892.
Meynert cells - solitary pyramidal cells found in the cortex in the region of the calcarine fissure.
Meynert commissures - the commissural fibers that lie above and behind the optic chiasm. Synonym(s): commissurae supraopticae
Meynert decussation
Meynert fasciculus - a compact bundle of fibers in the midbrain. Synonym(s): Meynert retroflex bundle; retroflex fasciculus
Meynert layer - layer three of the cortex cerebri. Synonym(s): pyramidal cell layer
Meynert retroflex bundle - Synonym(s): Meynert fasciculus
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Analysis of neuron cell bodies in the pyramidal cell layer of CA-1 region of hippocampus was performed.
Prion diseased animals showed microglial invasion of pyramidal cell layer.
At 17th wpi prion disease also induced significant microgliosis on pyramidal cell layer and stratum radiatum (two-tail /-tests for independent samples, p < 0.
First row corresponds to pyramidal cell layer (Pyr) and stratum radiatum (Rad).
05) in the width of the pyramidal cell layer in the control groups, a degenerative change absent in the POEE-treated group.
Axon arborizations were rarely observed in the pyramidal cell layer.