pyostomatitis vegetans

py·o·sto·ma·ti·tis ve·g'e·tans

confluent pustular lesions of the mouth, with proliferative and verrucose eruptions of the buccal mucous membrane; associated with ulcerative colitis and other wasting diseases.
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Pyostomatitis vegetans is an uncommon condition typically associated with ulcerative colitis that is characterized by serpentine pustules that coalesce in a "snail track" pattern (FIGURE 12).
4) Other oral effects of CD include aphthous ulcerations, gingival hyperplasia, diffuse gingival swelling, mucosal hyperplasia, fissuring cheilitis and pyostomatitis vegetans.
7 years without considering their group- wise distribution as shown in table 4 15 patients had oral lichen planus 9 had oral submucous fibrosis 2 had chronic hyperplastic candidosis 3 had oral trauma 16 had coated tongue 4 had frictional keratosis 3 had mucositis 4 had oral squamous cell carcinoma due to idiopathic reasons 1 had haematinic deficiency 1 had geographic tongue 1 had median rhomboid glossitis 1 had pyostomatitis vegetans 1 had smokeless tobacco
Oral manifestations of Crohn's disease were noted including swelling and Assuring of the lips, angular cheilitis, cobblestoning of the buccal mucosa, deep linear ulceration in the buccal sulci, mucosal tags, mucogingivitis with erythematous swelling of marginal and attached gingiva, and pyostomatitis vegetans with multiple small gingival pustules.
Pyostomatitis vegetans is a variant of this form and occurs in the oral cavity.