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Plural of pylorus.


See pylorus.


Plural of pylorus.
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Coadaptation of Helicobacter pylori and humans: Ancient history, modern implications.
pylori as a causative factor in psoriasis (5) was based on examination and testing of three hundred individuals with psoriasis plaque.
pylori one can use RUT for rapid diagnosis in the endoscopic room itself and confirm diagnosis by culture.
pylori positive NUD patients and also the subjective [symptomatic] response to anti H.
Kyoto global consensus report on Helicobacter pylori gastritis.
pylori infection status were retrieved from the electronic database.
pylori infection is predominantly acquired in early childhood [3] and person-to-person contact within the family appears to be a key route for the transmission: oral-oral through vomiting or possibly saliva and dental plaque, faecal-oral, or gastrointestinal-oral [4].
pylori infection and presence of this organism in such cases can be detected with confidence by using non invasive, sensitive, specific and cheaper techniques like stool H.
pylori bacterium discovered more than 30 years ago has not been completely described and still is an object of the scientific research which contributes to presenting new aspects of pathogenesis of many diseases.