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pertaining to the buttocks; called also natal and pygal.


Relating to the buttocks.
[G. pygē, buttocks]


/py·gal/ (pi´gil) gluteal.


pertaining to the buttocks.
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The posterior margin of the fifth vertebral is located very close to the suture between the second suprapygal and the pygal, and it can be partially coincident with this suture (Fig.
The Belgian material analyzed here differs from the members of Palaeoemys in several characters, among others: the absence of lateral carapace keels (present in the juvenile specimens of forms such as Palaeoemys hessiaca Schleich, 1994, but both in the juvenile and the adult individuals of Palaeoemys testudiniformis (Owen, 1842)), as well as a well-developed medial keel; absence of a markedly wider than long pygal plate; absence of narrow vertebral scutes (i.
Palaeochelys bussenensis Meyer, 1847 and Palaeochelys astrei (Bergounioux, 1935)) by characters such as the absence of very wide first vertebral scute and pygal plate, relative to their lengths.
The pattern of gopher tortoise shell disarticulation is similar to that of emydids, except that the pygal and suprapygal bones usually disarticulate even faster than the neurals.
As the skin dehydrates, tension is placed on the margin of the shell, which lacks peripheral and pygal bones and is where the skin is thickest, causing the carapace to bow upward and rupture along costal and neural sutures.
Carapace plates: nuchal = nu, neurals = n I to n VIII, pleurals = pl I to VIII, peripherals = pe I to pe XI, metaneurals = mn I to II, pygal = py.
Winner was Tony Stanford with 15 fish for 7lb 9oz, second was Barry Tweddle with eight fish for 4lb 7oz, third was Marty Pygal with 11 fish for 4lb 5oz and fourth was Nigel Gemmel with seven fish for 3lb 3oz.
pygal area (plate 10, figures 3-4), plastron, humeros (plate 11, figure 1), femor, half mandible, neck and rail vertebrae (see plate 1), peripherals I to II (plate 10, figures 1-2).
First was Martin Pygal with two flounders and one cod for 2 lb 4 oz.
Barry won with 10 fish (279cm), runner-up was Martin Pygal (eight fish 256cm) and third was Steven Potts (10 fish 253cm).
Geoff Baldwin was runner-up with six flounders for 6lb 1oz and Marty Pygal third thanks to his nine flounders for 6lb.
Second was Martin Pygal (three for 5lb 8oz), third Frankie Simpson (one at 3lb 8oz) and fourth Steve Clark (one at 2lb 8oz).