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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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From there, he blasted out to 18 feet and missed the par putt.
Sorenstam jumped after the first eagle and described the long putt as ``from one country to the other.
The heel-toe weighting makes it incredibly easy to putt with, and the HSM face insert does the same thing for everyday golfers that it does for the best players on the Senior PGA Tour: provide exceptional feel, truer roll and exceptional distance control.
Basically, I laughed at myself,'' the disappointed but good-natured McCarron said after three-putting the final hole, the first putt from out of clumpy kikuyu about 25 feet from the cup.
Seven of her 16 birdies have been from 12 feet or longer, including putts of 12, 25, 18 and 25 feet Friday, when she also rolled in a 20-foot par-saver on No.
I'd putt the regular way for three holes and then cross-handed for three holes.
18, set up a birdie putt that eliminated Toshi Izawa, Brandel Chamblee, Bob Tway, Jeff Sluman and Dennis Paulson and ended a long,soggy day at Riviera Country Club.
Norman: three wood, four iron left of green, three putts.
While little difference in performance emerged from the 3-foot putts, Hung reports that the novices sunk significantly more putts from 9 feet using the cross-handed grip than they did with the conventional grip.
The general rule is that if a putt looks level but there are slopes around the green that fall from left to right, then the putt will break that way too.
The analyses focused on five categories: driving accuracy, greens hit in regulation, putts per round, non-sand save percentage, and sand-save percentage -- and how each affected scoring averages.