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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940. See: Putti-Platt operation, Putti-Platt procedure.
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In The Nurture of Jupiter a putto merely looks on, although in a celebratory wreath, as the infant who is to become the ruler of the skies feeds at the forcibly uplifted udder of an indignant she-goat.
In the fourth and fifth chapters, adults in disguise are the main concern, and, except for some passing remarks about Cupid, the putto fades from view.
Could this money not be putto better use alleviating world misery?
Cats are invariably predators, whether it's the hulking tabby advancing along a balcony railing on a nest of doves in Tom Cat (1926) or the stalking cat-woman representing Alma Mahler in Still Life with Putto and Rabbit (1913-14).
The shield held by the putto in the upper left corner of the left interior wing, which normall y would have carried the coat of arms of the sitter, remains blank.
Presiding over all is a bravura white porcelain 'gallery' figure, an 86cm-high Farnese Hercules made under the direction of the factory's first chief modeller, Gaspero Bruschi; another outstanding piece is a 82cm-high putto, after a model by Filippo della Valle (Fig.
In his drawing for the Book of Hours of the Emperor Maximilian (1515) the horses bite and nip each other while a putto with a burning brand clutches the mane of one of the rearing animals.
the influence of Callistratus's ekphrasis about Praxiteles's Eros on the Putto with a Dolphin, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence).
21) This connection of the Dresden recto to the putto on the right of Saint Michaelin the vault fresco of t he Chapel of Eleonora di Toledo was already pointed out in Craig Hugh Smyth, Bronzino as Draughtsman, New York, 1971, p.
Her dress is lowered, seductively displaying her shoulder, and the two putti who play behind her suggest sexual love - especially the masked putto who may symbolize Jocus, a type of personified Folly.