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Our objectives were to evaluate Deer Away[R] Big Game Repellent (composed of decaying putrescent whole egg solids) and powdered sulfur (99.
Used 'wrong way', a sniper's relict rifle from World War One (yet another carnage) (15) mediates transformation, returning us all to re-assertion of the archetype of the whitefella who grasps a rejecting and putrescent barramundi on the shore of first encounter.
I think that the dropping of putrescent flesh was not only a portent of the whitefella's eternally wrong and problematic relationships with animals of the Dreaming.
As a fish gleams most fiercely before it dies, so the scales of the sea-hag shine with a hectic putrescent glitter.
Jerome expressed this view, his words later codified in the canon law in the Decretum: "heretics must be removed from the Church so that they do not infect the faithful with their contagion because putrescent meat must be cast out and the mangy sheep must be repelled from the flock and destroyed, so that it does not corrupt and putrefy the entire household, flock and body.
Suddenly she changes into a hideous, putrescent old hag.
McGill's work is different in its embrace of pictorial possibility to render both the cliche and the residual fear of apocalypse in terms of a putrescent confluence of art, religion, and total war.
The Dutchman is a gentle, kind, clean- living, religious man - hardly the type for whom a place is normally reserved in the spitting, putrescent cauldron of the Glasgow derby.
Francis, God exacted compassion harshly: "Half of his putrescent nose had fallen away," Nikos Kazantzakis writes in God's Pauper, an imaginative retelling of St.
This world was the nascently putrescent, nascently pubescent milieu of a middle-class American miss--a room full of stuffed animals, boy-band posters, pink things of all sorts--methodically spinning around and around on a circular track like a giant automatic dryer, letting gravity slam its ersatz, picket-fenced-in contents down to earth, again and again, until they were ground to smithereens.
6 Dieter Roth The importance of this artist, who long toiled in the fecund semi-obscurity that close association with putrescent foodstuffs affords, became increasingly clear in the '90S, and his last show, at Hauser & Wirth, was a real hit.
Because he finally left her, returning fully to Marthe, she of the invalidism, the little dogs, the putrescent baths?