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puss, pussy

term of endearment addressed to a cat. Called also moggy.
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Banderas takes his role as Puss as serious as any of his other on camera roles, and it was the Spanish actor who decided early on the feline should have a booming voice.
STARS: In Puss In Boots at Mirfield Parish Church Hall are (back, from left) Emma Crowther, Sophie Lockwood, Laura Hawksworth and (front) Amelia Johnson and Samantha Burrows (PW170109Bpanto)
For many Shrek fans, Puss in Boots remains the scene stealer, although he was only introduced in the second movie.
Now she's gone to America, I think Glamour Puss is clearly the best female sprinter, if not the best sprinter, in Australia.
Meanwhile, Banderas doesn't even bother feigning an accent, sounding like Puss Of Arabia.
She plays with this sensuality as Kitty Softpaws, a rival to Antonio Banderas's Puss in the Shrek spin-off.
The actor will be reprising the role in the upcoming fourth and final Shrek film, 'Shrek Forever After' and has revealed that the upcoming project will be based on Puss In Boots' childhood.
Donkey and Puss steal all the laughs while many gags have been recycled from earlier films with a smattering of pop culture references running the gamut of The Sound Of Music, Chorus Line and The Six Million Dollar Man.
Let's hope the next movie is Shrek The Fourth: The Puss and Donkey Show.
Puss the cat was finally hauled out of the space in a house on Moor Top Road, Kirkheaton, last night.
YOUNGSTERS were left petrified when a cinema showing Puss in Boots screened trailers from two terrifying horror movies.