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Hematology The elimination of BM of a Pt with a malignant or nonmalignant lesion requiring hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; purging may be effected with cytotoxic chemotherapeutics, radiation, or by experimental immunologic methods Psychiatry To eliminate by self-induced vomiting, a high volume of food eaten by a Pt with binge eating disorder. See Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorder, Pharmacologic purging.


The use of vomiting, diuretics, or laxatives to clear the stomach and intestines after a binge.
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purging (purj´ing),

n an effort to rid the body of food by vomiting or taking laxatives or diuretics.


pertaining to purge.

purging ball
a bolus given periodically to horses by owners and trainers in the belief that a good clean-out is good for a horse, especially if it is racing poorly. Usually contains aloes; 7 to 14 g (2 to 4 drachms) is the usual dose. Anthraquinone purgatives are more reliable in their action but the procedure is basically empirical and is not recommended by veterinarians. Called also physic ball.
purging buckthorn
purging flax
purging nut
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Clearly, polymer is cheaper to purchase, but when one considers the lost production time, wasted polymer, cost to landfill, scrap or regrind to black, makes specialist purging compounds an overall more cost-effective solution.
It can be used for purging all types of resins, and its wider temperature range of 350-625 F is suited for use in injection molding, extrusion, compounding, and blow molding.
On the technical side, Aquapurge used the pre-Interplas period to market a series of machine purging videos across a number of fronts.
The original, patented design of the Ring Purge enables the fabricator to seal this inflatable dam inside the pipe and achieve a purge around the weld within a few minutes and will therefore not only save purge gas but also considerably shorten the time spent on purging.
Sun Plastech adds that "Asaclean Purging Compounds can be used with thermoplastic resins processed from 320[degrees]F to 735[degrees]F and are thermally stable, broadly compatible with various resins, and effective at facilitating color or resin changes while removing carbon and color deposits.
To give a complete orbital welding and purging system, the ORB 1000 and ORBIPURGE kit can be combined with the advanced ORBIMAT C Orbital Welding Power Supplies.
As we convince ourselves to delay purging our files, we also forfeit the assistance this activity provided to searches for relevant information.
People suffering from bulimia nervosa, most of them women, usually try to hide their repeated bouts of binge eating and purging.
The QEF election and the related purging elections must be made by the extended due date of the shareholder's tax return.
NASDAQ:ENTG) introduces its Extreme Clean Dry Air (XCDA([R])) gas purification system for use as a safer and more cost-effective alternative to conventional nitrogen gas purging in reticle pods and stockers.