pure consciousness

pure consciousness,

n in the Vedic tradition and Ayurveda, the ground of being that manifests as the totality of creation.
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Some Indian philosophers equate the unchanging reality background with pure Consciousness.
He is also called Sat Chit Anand - Sat meaning truth, Chit meaning pure consciousness and Anand meaning bliss.
For Advaita Vedanta pure consciousness goes beyond all dualism including the rationalistic means-ends dualism.
His perspectives include a fragile and uncertain I, a labile consciousness, the pure consciousness of philosophers, impermanence and vacuity, unfinished humanity, techniques of the body and spiritual exercises, Christian anthropology, discipline of interior life, suffering and culpability, wisdoms and human sciences, metaphysics and religions, and anthropology and wisdoms.
Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that ancient Hindu scriptures had described God as eternal reality, all-knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, source of all power, supreme lord, master of the universe, eternal one, supreme guardian, supreme architect, who presides over all, supreme creator and destroyer, without beginning or end, pure consciousness, ruler of all, etc.
His constant communion with the unaltered, natural world has provided him with insight and aided him in his quest for Pure Consciousness that lead him to write this book.
As subject of subjects, God exists as pure consciousness itself" (p.
This silent interiority of the mind has been called pure consciousness.
The whole thrust of Samkhyan soteriology is to separate pure consciousness (purusa) from the material evolutes and principles (prakrti) through discriminative gnosis, a process that culminates at death when prakrti ceases its activity and purusa gains kaivalya, "aloneness" or "perfect freedom.
When he began his worldwide teaching of meditation, he predicted that the greatest discovery of science would be the understanding that the unified field, identified by quantum physics as the basis of all matter and energy in the universe, is one and the same as unbounded pure consciousness.
The aim is to transcend thoughts and feelings, to enter an altered level of consciousness, and to move into pure consciousness, which is the intuition of your true Self, and thus find the god-centre or god-energy.
That momentary, interlude that is neither one nor the other is a sublime pure consciousness, a silent void, the deep ground of stillness at the center of our being.