purchasing cooperative

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purchasing cooperative,

n a group of dental professionals pooling their financial resources to purchase large quantities of supplies and equipment for the purpose of obtaining a discount.
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About Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) IPC is an independent SUBWAY franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative.
Though collective buying of goods and services is at the core of every purchasing cooperative, today's member-owners want--and need--more to succeed.
The School Department, like all the school systems represented by the French River Education Center purchasing cooperative, is spending $3.
Step One: South Dakota would enact a statute similar to an existing Iowa statute that would invite the establishment of both accountable health plan projects and health purchasing cooperative projects.
The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) is a national governmental purchasing cooperative that competitively bids and awards contracts to national vendors for commonly purchased products and services allowing such entities to make compliant purchases at a valued rate.
The KCDA Purchasing Cooperative (hereinafter KCDA ) requests BIDS from Vendors equipped with the necessary resources and capabilities to serve as a provider through this solicitation for Telephone communications Systems, including but not limited to: Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) circuit switched; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or both TDM and VoIP; a product line of Telephone Communications Systems ranging from small (250 or fewer stations) to large (3000 plus stations) in order to meet the diverse requirements of KCDA members.
July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Amicus Solar Cooperative, a purchasing cooperative that is 100% owned and democratically managed by its member companies, has obtained an initial allocation of $50 million for qualifying businesses desiring solar through LFC Capital's Solar Ownership Program.
As a program vendor, Murray Resources can provide temporary staffing and substitute teachers for the government entities, school districts and other public, nonprofit agencies and organizations made available through the HCDE Purchasing Cooperative.
For example, in a health insurance purchasing cooperative, consumers or businesses can band together to purchase private health insurance policies in bulk, passing savings along to members, he notes.
Nevertheless, in most systems, the purchasing cooperative must still purchase only those products of services approved by the franchisor.
Whenever you need a doctor or a hospital stay, just call your local Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperative (HIPC).
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