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Punning was a generalist in many fields of bio-geosciences and environment researches, he published more than 500 scientific papers altogether.
Punning played an active role in the formation of scientific, educational and environmental policies in the Baltic States.
Unlike the literary criticism, offering a remarkable insight into the character and function of punning practices in many authors (with Shakespeare holding the lead), linguistically-oriented scholarship emerges comparatively fragmentary, leaving puns a largely unexplored domain.
However diverse the dictionary entries for a pun may be, they all agree that (i) the phenomenon depends for its existence on the juxtaposition of (at least two) similar/identical forms and (at least two) dissimilar meanings, and (ii) broadly speaking, the subtler the formal contrast and the sharper the semantic one, the finer the punning effect.
I even thought I might make a career out of punning.
The poem "The Romance Between Us" exemplifies Harris's techniques of repeated refrain ("hand me my griot clothes"), repetition, punning, rhythmic insistence recalling contemporary African American musical and oral arts, vernacular lexicon and structures, embedded allusions, and believable narrative:
All the artworks feature punning, multiline rap/poem titles (this last work's refers to "a Basketball/In a Coons' Sculpture"); double meanings proliferate; and racially charged dual codings extend throughout.
Steinberg's final chapter makes a different claim to Leonardesque punning, concerning form as opposed to narrative content.