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adj 1. in Ayurveda, “heavy” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is laghu.
2. a spiritual teacher, particularly in Tantric traditions. See also gunas and laghu.
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Carlsberg Fan Squad in conjunction with talkSPORT have whittled down the competition to five regional pundits from the North East and we'll be putting them through their paces in a series of challenges.
The Hindu pundits welcomed their sentiments and expressed their gratitude over the visit of their temples.
Pundit PL-200PE - Groundbreaking Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing
Charlie Munger--Warren Buffet's sidekick at Berkshire Hathaway--often cites Charles Darwin as an example of how pundits should operate.
How to nominate a pundit: From now through March 1, visit the Smart Device Pundit 2013 homepage and simply share your pundit's name with a link to a great article, video, blog post, Twitter feed or industry report that shows why your nominee should make the list of 2013 Smart Device Pundits.
I'd like to see Question Time given up one week to football pundits.
The dwindling Kashmiri pundit population congregated to offer prayers and distributed prasad among themselves and their neighbours.
The Pundit has already attracted a bevy of participants in its first week online.
When Proposition 215 appeared on the California ballot, political leaders and pundits of all stripes urged voters to oppose it.
Hansen's shameless display achieved the impossible - relegating Ian Wright to the second most irritating pundit.
the Emporia pundit William Allen White attacked the upstarts with withering sarcasm.
Fellow GOP pundit Thomas Segel similarly maintains that "those on the left hand side of politics can no longer wave the banner of patriot while they spew out hate-filled rhetoric against the national administration and the nation's war against terrorism.