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Plural of punctum.


Plural of punctum.


(punk'tum) plural.puncta [L.] Point.

punctum caecum

Blind spot (1).

puncta dolorosa

Painful points in the course of, or at the exit of, nerves affected by neuralgia.

punctum lacrimale

Lacrimal point.

punctum nasale inferius


punctum proximum

Abbreviation: P.P.
Visual accommodation near-point.

punctum remotum

Abbreviation: P.R.
Visual accommodation far-point.

punctum saliens

The first trace of the embryonic heart.

puncta vasculosa

Minute red areas that mark the cut surface of white central substance of the brain, caused by blood escaping from divided blood vessels.


plural form of punctum.

puncta maxima
points on the chest wall where heart sounds are heard best.
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The usual external approach to a second branchial anomaly involves fish-mouth external incisions around the inferiorly located puncta, with additional, wider stepladder incisions superiorly to accommodate deeper dissection through the carotid bifurcation.
At this point, the bird was anesthetized and the incision was reopened, which revealed that pieces of gelatin sponge had occluded both nasolacrimal puncta and resulted in the accumulation of lacrimal secretions.
Immunocytochemical localization of RyRs in dissociated hippocampal neuronal cell cultures co-labeled with the F-actin label phalloidin to identify actin-rich dendritic spines confirmed RyR immunoreactive puncta throughout the dendritic shafts of cultured hippocampal neurons (Figure 2B).
No discharge was elicited from the puncta when pressure was applied to the lacrimal sacs.
Secretions flow across the eye toward the puncta near the medial canthus.
In cases of moderate to severe dry eye, a temporary or permanent plug about the size of a sesame seed can be inserted into some of the channels, or puncta, at the inner corner of the eyelid where tears drain into the nose and back of the throat.
And then traced with thorns, and the spaces between them, that turned the puncta of sight into the punctilia of touch.
Because of the absence of eyelids on the right, nasolacrimal puncta were not present on this side.
In relative terms, immediately after instillation, the drug concentration in the tears will be 100%, but this will decline rapidly as the volume of the eye drops is rapidly washed away through the puncta and down the nasolacrimal duct.
The L-PPDS is a novel, sustained and controlled release drug delivery system that utilizes the puncta to house a drug-eluting device.
The Landec ophthalmic device uses patented, cast-in-place thermoplastic technology to occlude the puncta during an in-office procedure.