pulsed dye laser

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puls·ed dye la·ser

extremely short bursts of focused yellow light absorbed by hemoglobin, used to treat hemangiomas without anesthesia in young children.
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In a preliminary study, Alexiades-Armenakas examined whether a combination of photodynamic therapy (PDT) with a photosensitizer known as topical 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and activated by long-pulse, pulsed dye laser could safely and effectively clear mild to severe cases of acne.
The patient subsequently underwent pulsed dye laser treatment for some erythema along the closure of the secondary defect.
Although now full of confidence, she would still like to have the birthmark removed and is about to have her 14th session of pulsed dye laser treatment.
Editor's note: The pulsed dye laser is well-suited for removing vascular birthmarks on an outpatient basis, says Dr.
The Vbeam pulsed dye laser system provides treatment for a variety of leg lesions without the side effects of purpura commonly seen with earlier versions of pulsed dye lasers.
We are delighted about the opportunity to now be able to offer the latest generation pulsed dye laser to the market in the People's Republic of China.
Combined Pulsed Dye Laser and Nd:YAG Laser for the Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma," H.
Once malignancy has been ruled out with a biopsy, maintenance photoangiolysis therapy with the pulsed dye laser may be appropriate in selected patients with recurrent leukoplakia.
In one such study, pulsed dye laser treatment improved symptoms, quality of life scores, and erythema in 16 patients with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (J.
Candela Corporation (NASDAQ:CLZR), pioneers of the safest and most effective vascular laser technology in the world, announced today that it has donated its Vbeam[R] pulsed dye laser to support the opening of the Vietnam Vascular Anomalies Unit at Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital in Vietnam.
Indication: PLIAGLIS[R] (lidocaine and tetracaine) Cream 7% / 7% is indicated for use on intact skin in adults to provide topical local analgesia for superficial dermatological procedures such as dermal filler injection, pulsed dye laser therapy, facial laser resurfacing, and laser-assisted tattoo removal.

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