pulse repetition frequency

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pulse repetition frequency (PRF)

(in ultrasonics) the number of acoustic pulses transmitted per second.
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It also features excellent beam quality and a pulse repetition frequency of 20 kilohertz.
Of these, the SPS-20(V) and SBS-25 receivers provide coverage of the 2 to 18 GHz frequency band and are described as being effective against pulsed, continuous wave, high pulse repetition frequency and low effective radiated power emitters.
The ATS is able to emulate standard pulse radars, FM CW radars, as well as a high pulse repetition frequency Doppler radars.
The injection-seeded Series 210 laser produces (greater than) 7 watts of average power at a pulse repetition frequency of 7 kHz at 1064 nm, in a high quality TEM00 beam.
1-4,7-9] Yinging [1], for example, introduced the principle of DBS based on Doppler spectrum analysis, while Zhizhong [2] discussed the selection of pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and the scanning mode in DBS imaging.
The 8 to 12 GHz Improved HARD radar differs from the baseline model by way of its introduction of an alternating pulse repetition frequency mode; an improved, low sidelobe antenna; a new adaptive moving target indication filter; and increased transmitter module output (from 6 to 14 W).
Pulse repetition frequency and carrier frequency agility hinder the effective generation of noise or false targets.
In terms of donor transmitter parameters, the technique can use simple pulse repetition frequency, and staggered and jittered emitters.
The three radar parameters that affect a system's ability to capture Doppler information are its center frequency, Fo, its pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and dwell time, T.
HPRF = High Pulse Repetition Frequency MPRF = Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency LPRF = Low Pulse Repetition Frequency [Tabular Data 1 Omitted]