pulse period

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pulse pe·ri·od

the reciprocal of the repetition rate; for example, the interval between leading edges of successive pulses.
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For the finishing regime it can be observed an increase of crater depth after the pulse period of 8is and a current of 6,25 A (figures 4 a and 4 b, compared with figures 4 c and 4 d).
The depth of the tiny cracks will increase with the increase of the pulse period.
The dependence of the tiny cracks presence and the pulse period is determined by the proportion between the dimensions of the melting zone and vaporization zone of material under the influence of electric discharge.
University report that they have found the companion of the binary pulsar PSR1855+09, one of the "millisecond pulsars" with a pulse period of 5.
Astrophysicists have discovered the swiftest binary pulsar yet recorded, with a pulse period of 5.
Backer of the University of California at Berkeley to determine the pulsar's pulse period to an accuracy of 16 decimal places and its position to a hundred-thousandth of a second.
She observed the star and correlated how fast its pulse periods were changing with how fast it was cooling and determined how much energy the star should be losing.
Otherwise, "we would definitely see the pulse periods change faster than we do," she says.
Millisecond pulsars--those with pulse periods of a few milliseconds -- are thought to develop out of a certain kind of binary star system that at first emits X-rays.