pulse duration

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pulse duration (P.D., PD)

(in ultrasonics) a measure of the time a transducer oscillates for each pulse. The shorter the pulse duration, the better the axial resolution.
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The 5 points consisted of 2 constant pulse durations (100 and 500 ps) and 3 pulse amplitudes to span the range between threshold and maximum comfort level.
The deposition volume of ink was plotted against pulse duration at different voltages in Fig.
For the experimentations pulsed DC square-wave with different pulse durations and 50% duty cycle was used.
As shown in Table 2, compared with 60-[micro]sec pulse duration, the rate of blastocysts was increased and the rate of oocytes lysis was decreased when the field strength was 2.
The TENS device had a voltage range of 0V to 180V, a maximum current of 85mA and a PNS pulse duration range of 50 [micro]s to 500 [micro]s when delivered as a monophasic rectangular wave pulse.
Recently, claims have been made that pulse duration correlates with luminosity for at least some GRBs.
The laser light is applied to the area with a pulse duration of a milli-second - deemed adequate time to destroy the hair follicl e without heating the skin.
In this context, acceleration is the measure of how hard the buckle is struck; pulse duration is the length of time the blow lasts; and webbing load is the amount of tension in the seat belt webbing itself.
Limited Tenders are invited for Laser Diode Driver With Programmable Pulse Duration And Integrated Power Supply
Pulse duration is in the nanosecond domain and higher power and picosecond multi-MHz versions are available for demonstration and will soon be available commercially.
Increasing the amplitude of the current and pulse duration has been shown to increase skeletal muscle recruitment but does not interfere with the extent of fatigue during stimulation [10].
explain the physical principles of operating lasers with pulse duration in the range of 10-13 to 10-15 seconds, and describe the various coherent optical phenomena proceeding in the molecular disordered media at room temperature.