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Steve Zarembski, vice president of planning and marketing for Haldex Barnes, said the WQ pump is designed to dramatically reduce system pressure pulsation, which then reduces fluidborne noise and leads to a quieter hydraulic system.
The pulsation generator is capable of varying both the frequency of pulsations and the amplitude.
When installing pulsation dampeners and back pressure valves in any pumping system, location and proximity are key.
The operation of the pulsation system is to ensure that the pulse generator remotely generates pneumatic pulses of a certain power in the pulsation chamber through a pulse conductor and leads to the oscillation of the suspension [6].
Research of a level of pressure fluctuations reducing in the normal pump operation mode has shown that the regular damper reduces the pressure pulsation to 1.
Before optimization, the compression chamber is overcompressed, with a pulsation peak of about 0.
Higher speed compressors naturally create a broader spectrum of gas pulsation frequencies that must be addressed in the system design.
The wide range applications of the PMBLDC motor drives from ranging ships propulsion to robotics is another motivation of many researchers to investigate new methodologies for reducing the torque pulsation and speed ripple.
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Furthermore, the changes of the mean density of the gaining star as a result of accretion of matter can affect the pulsation periods and pulsation properties of oEA stars.
Optional features include a pulsation damper, back-flushing system, barrier chamber system, diaphragm monitor, stroke counting and extended special ports for use in sanitary conditions.