pulmonary cavity

pul·mo·nar·y cav·i·ty

one of the bilateral subdivisions of the thoracic cavity lying on either side of the mediastinum, lined with parietal pleura and occupied by a lung; the space existing when a lung is removed. The term is not synonymous with pleural cavity, which is a space between the parietal and visceral pleura that is normally empty except for a fine layer of pleural fluid and that surrounds (but does not contain) the lung.
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The pulmonary cavity reduced in size on serial CTs and he was discharged home.
Abstract: Rupture of a coccidioidal pulmonary cavity with subsequent pyopneumothorax is a rare clinical event, even in areas endemic for coccidioidomycosis.
Key Words: Coccidioidomycosis, empyema, pulmonary cavity, pyopneumothorax