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1. Synonym(s): respirator (2)
2. An apparatus for administering pharmacologically active agents by inhalation. Synonym(s): puffer


see tetraodontidae. Called also toadfish, a poisonous fish.

puffer fish poison

Patient discussion about puffer

Q. What happens if you use a puffer and you don’t even have asthma? Okay, when i was younger, around 7 or 8 years old, i couldn’t breathe for a while and my doctor told me to get a puffer. When I got my puffer, it didn’t help with the breathing. So now that I’m older I was wondering what happens if you use a puffer and you don’t even have asthma? Does it affect your lungs or anything??

A. There are side effects to any medication. So why using any unnecessary medication? The inhaler could have salbutamol which will cause tachycardia (heart racing) for nothing. That’s not really a good thing for long term use. Or it can have steroids, that is REALLY not good for you … so just refrain.

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