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1. Synonym(s): respirator (2)
2. An apparatus for administering pharmacologically active agents by inhalation. Synonym(s): puffer


see tetraodontidae. Called also toadfish, a poisonous fish.

puffer fish poison

Patient discussion about puffer

Q. What happens if you use a puffer and you don’t even have asthma? Okay, when i was younger, around 7 or 8 years old, i couldn’t breathe for a while and my doctor told me to get a puffer. When I got my puffer, it didn’t help with the breathing. So now that I’m older I was wondering what happens if you use a puffer and you don’t even have asthma? Does it affect your lungs or anything??

A. There are side effects to any medication. So why using any unnecessary medication? The inhaler could have salbutamol which will cause tachycardia (heart racing) for nothing. That’s not really a good thing for long term use. Or it can have steroids, that is REALLY not good for you … so just refrain.

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gov/news/2017/breaks-observed-in-rover-wheel-treads) Curiosity is much larger than PUFFER, with six wheels that are almost 1.
Lagocephalus lunaris is an Indo-Pacific species of puffer fish and is one of the only species known to contain high concentrations of tetrodotoxin naturally in the meat, making safe preparation of this product impossible (9).
As hunting stories go, the Puffer Pond hunt is one of our favorites and Curt and I told it to the Cummings.
The toxin in puffer fish, Tetrodotoxin, comes from its gallbladder, and if cut up incorrectly, the organ will release its deadly poison.
The suez puffer were collected by commercial bottom trawlers at 24 to 50 meter depths in the Gulf of Iskenderun, northeastern Mediterranean Sea (36deg37' 830" E, 35deg38' 520" N; 36deg 33'717" E, 35deg 34'872" N; 36deg 33'360" E, 35deg 34'154" N; 36deg 30'946" E, 35deg 21'385" N) between August and December 2012.
Dad–of–two Nick said: "We gave the boat to the Puffer Preservation Trust and started trying to raise the money for the repairs.
Puffer fish damage nets and impinge on fishermen's income with the professional fishermen in the Famagusta district previously protesting on what they said were unreasonable fishing quotas.
Puffer meets Mary, later to be acknowledged as artist Mary Cassatt, who is a docent, guiding Puffer through an art museum featuring an exhibit of paintings by each of the renowned artists of the movement--Manet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Monet and Mary herself.
The puffer machines were rushed into airports in the wake of two airplane bombings in Russia attributed to Chechnyan terrorists called the "Black Widows.
Mutley, a dog-faced puffer fish, has overindulged so much that he now struggles to move around.
More than 140 people have been rushed to hospital in northern Thailand after snacking on fish balls thought to be made from the highly poisonous puffer fish.
BACKGROUND: From January 2002 to May 2004, 28 puffer fish poisoning (PFP) cases in Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and New York were linked to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in Florida.