puerperal period

pu·er·per·al pe·ri·od

the period elapsing between the termination of labor and the return of the generative tract to its normal condition; the 6 weeks following the completion of labor.
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Methods: In this study pregnant women between 28-40 weeks gestational period and delivered women in their puerperal period up to 42 days after delivery having acute renal problems associated with obstetrical emergencies were included.
7% of patients were delivered by LSCS, which was done due to obstetric reasons; 10% of patients needed post-operative elective ventilation in cases like Mitral Stenosis, where patients are prone to develop cardiac failure in the immediate puerperal period.
Selected clinicobiochemical parameters in the puerperal period of goats.
have been reported as one of the most common causes of maternal morbidities in the puerperal period.
1,2) Most of the patients present within 10 days of the puerperal period with symptoms of right loin and right iliac fossa pain.
Other events such as traumatic maternal experiences during the pregnancy and puerperal period have been found to have harmful effects on parents' interaction with their babies eighteen months after delivery (10).
However, he emphasizes that many of the incidences of psychoses occurring during pregnancy, childbirth, and especially the puerperal period, are directly caused by toxaemia or exhaustion.
Almost half (154/357) of the deaths of women of reproductive age (15-49) from four provinces of Afghanistan were related to complications during pregnancy, childbirth or the puerperal period.
Just as the risk of ruptured intracranial aneurysms increases for women who are pregnant or in the puerperal period, compared with nonpregnant women, the risk of intracranial venoocclusive disease is particularly increased around the puerperal period.
Women in puerperal period can suffer from several neurological disorders, but a few of them can occur or deteriorate because of the physiological events in puerperal period.
The Puerperal period is a critical phase in reproductive cycle of dairy cows (Frazer, 2005).