Etymology: L, pueri, children, colere, to cultivate
the rearing and training of children. puericulturist, n.

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Q. is there are actions i should know about how to give the best care and treatment for an autistic child? like a special logistic care , or a special day care and privet assistant...

A. being a parent to an autistic child compels you to know more on that condition. about the options and educational techniques and all that. thank god we live in modern days that the information is so accessible.. here is (what i think anyway) the best site about Autism:
i'm sure you'll find it useful like i did!

Q. What should I do when a child in my care is diagnosed with autism? I am a maid in a home for the past 3 years who is also looking after a child. As the child’s parents often fly abroad, most of the time this child was taken care of me. What should I do when a child in my care is diagnosed with autism? In other words, I want to know about caring for autism kids?

A. If you can provide good nutrition that would be huge,
higly effective natural nutritionals include:

cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

Also, avoid highly processed foods like white sugar, white flour, an high fructose corn syrup.

Q. where would i get assistance and guiding how to take care my child who was diagnosed with ADHD?

A. Children suffering from ADHD are usually treated by pediatric psychiatrists/psychologists, so apparently they are the address to turn to - they are authorized to prescribe the necessary drugs and suggest other kind of therapies.

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The nurse is working for the Cebu Puericulture Centre and Maternity House Inc, located in the Philippines' second-most populated Cebu province.
Dr Raida Varona, medical director of the Cebu Puericulture Centre and Maternity House, said they were currently identifying the nurse responsible for the act.
beaucoup moins que]Le LNE aura pour mission de verifier, tester et controler entre autres, les materiaux de construction, les appareils domestiques electriques et a gaz, des jouets et articles de puericulture, les textiles et cuirs, la robinetterie et les articles de plomberie, les pieces de rechange, les produits alimentaires et la metrologie experimentale[beaucoup plus grand que], a explique Ramdane Boussenadji, DG des laboratoires au niveau du ministere du Commerce.
The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the research ethics committees of the Institute of Puericulture and Pediatrics Martagao Gesteira of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Educational Foundation of Serra dos Orgaos of Teresopolis.
In the broader context of early twentieth century concern about the high rate of infant mortality, this birthing experience combined with Lucy's compassion for all children furnished a personal motive for her joining the Puericulture Committee of the British Science Guild SA Branch, which repeatedly lobbied Parliament in the 1910s for implementation of its recommendations on infant nurture, maternal education, early notification of births and the registration of mid-wives.
For example, Lucy pressed KU Director and KTC Principal Lillian de Lissa into service on the foundation council of the WNPPA and into addressing the membership on the subject of Kindergarten while she herself spoke on new educational ideas and the Science Guild's efforts to effect puericulture reform.